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Terminal West

21a31 Terminal West Magnum
Call: (404) 876-5566 or visit terminalwestatl.com
As part of the King Plow Arts Center, Terminal West has become the Westside’s premier live music venue, giving equal stage time to hip-hop, indie rock, EDM, pop music, and singer-songwriter fare. Check out the lunch and dinner menu at the venue’s Stationside restaurant next door for plenty of fodder for vegetarians and carnivores alike. And even if you’re a non-smoker, taking a break from the music to hang out on the smoking deck while watching trains go by is a good time on any summer night.

John Moreland

Saturday August 29, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Over the last half a dozen years or so, John Moreland’s honesty has stunned us––and stung. As he put hurts we didn’t even realize we had or shared into his songs, we sang along. And we felt better. But there has always been far more to Moreland than sad songs. Today, his earthbound poetry remains po...
Cost: $21-$23

Livestream: Brandy Clark

Saturday July 25, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Cost: Registration Required

Livestream: Psymbionic

Thursday June 4, 2020 05:00 pm EDT
Cost: Registration Required

Livestream: girl in red

Friday May 15, 2020 07:00 pm EDT
Live Streamᴴᴰ : https://msconpang.ml/live.php?artist=girl%20in%20red&venue=Terminal%20West,%20Atlanta,%20GA,%20US

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ATTENTION : For easy registration,please register now to keep from network busy or acc...
Cost: Registration Required

Brandy Clark

Monday May 4, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
The Nashville, Tennessee based Clark received her first of an impressive six career GRAMMY nominations in 2013 in the Best Country Song category for co-writing the Miranda Lambert No. 1 hit "Mama's Broken Heart." Her talent as a storyteller has quickly propelled her into critical acclaim as one of N...
Cost: $26-$30

100 gecs

Thursday April 30, 2020 08:30 pm EDT
100 gecs is a duo between Laura Les and Dylan Brady. Scavenging scraps of musical influences and welding them into dangerous machines, they destroy the competition with their army of lethal bangers. Critically heralded as “very good” and “music”, their ambition knows no bounds.
Cost: TBA


Wednesday April 29, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Joywave has spent much of the past decade holding an aural mirror to society, concocting a distinctively modern approach towards pop music that is both organic and synthetic, much like our own day-to-day lives. The Rochester, NY-based band is now wrapping up work on their hugely anticipated third al...
Cost: $21-$24


Tuesday April 28, 2020 09:00 pm EDT
Over the last decade, the Los Angeles producer and Young Art label boss, TOKiMONSTA has helped define the sound of modern dance and beat music. In the process, she has received the co-signs of the biggest names in electronic and repped for the West Coast underground at the Grammys — all without sacr...
Cost: $22-$25

Waxahatchee, Ohmme

Sunday April 26, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
On September 7, Katie Crutchfield’s ever-shifting musical project Waxahatchee returns with the Great Thunder EP. Featuring a collection of songs written with now-dormant experimental recording group Great Thunder while Crutchfield was also writing the Waxahatchee albums Cerulean Salt and Ivy Tripp, ...
Cost: $21-$23

Shady Recruits

Saturday April 25, 2020 11:59 pm EDT
Cost: $16-$21

Wavves, SadGirl

Saturday April 25, 2020 07:00 pm EDT
The word ‘brat’ has followed Nathan Williams around for almost a decade, but at the age of 30, with a fully-fledged business to his name, as well as the ongoing success of band Wavves, his rebellious streak has proven not just purposeful but pretty damn inspiring. The San Diego native knows how to p...
Cost: $21-$23

Brandon "Taz" Niederauer

Friday April 24, 2020 11:59 pm EDT
Cost: $21-$25

Yves Tumor

Thursday April 23, 2020 08:30 pm EDT
Yves Tumor? Try to unravel, and the dimensions and personas spill out like the cracked and warped contents of a grotesquely beautiful matryoshka doll. A gothic soundscape auteur? Details are scant, so the music does most of the talking… To see Yves Tumor step upon a stage is to be thrashed by a ho...
Cost: $21-$23


Tuesday April 21, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Over the last several years, Shallou has become one of the music indus-try's biggest and most organic success stories. The Washington, D.C.-hailing and Los Angeles-based artist known to friends and family as Joe Boston has built a reputation for lovely, genre-slippery electronic pop that hits hard e...
Cost: $21-$56

Kevin Morby, Sam Cohen

Friday April 17, 2020 08:30 pm EDT
With his four acclaimed solo albums and myriad records of various collaboration, Kevin Morby has become a true musical auteur. His singular vision, evocative lyrics, and aptitude for catchy, dense songwriting has placed him firmly among the ranks of modern icons like Bill Callahan, Kurt Vile, Sharon...
Cost: $21

The Ballroom Thieves

Thursday April 16, 2020 08:30 pm EDT
In a society buoyed by lies, it takes strength to confront the truth. Unlovely, the third full length album from Calin “Callie” Peters (vocals, cello, bass), Martin Earley (vocals, guitar), and Devin Mauch (vocals, percussion), isn’t about the complete absence of beauty. Instead, the eleven tracks o...
Cost: $16-$34

TOPS, Honey Harper

Tuesday April 14, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
TOPS were formed in Montreal in 2011 when song-writing duo David Carriere and Jane Penny decided to join forces with drummer Riley Fleck. Since then they have become one of the most influential underground bands of the past decade, creating a space for sophisticated pop music in the indie world. Wit...
Cost: $17-$19

The Dip, Kiltro

Saturday April 11, 2020 08:30 pm EDT
Hailing from Seattle, The Dip is an electrifying seven-piece ensemble that melds vintage rhythm and blues with classic pop storytelling. Acclaimed by KEXP as “one of the most exciting and joyous acts to emerge in recent years,” the band features frontman Tom Eddy’s compelling vocals over an effortle...
Cost: $18-$20

Pussy Riot with Deli Girls

Wednesday April 8, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Pussy Riot is Russian Moscow-based activist art collective known for its provocative and radiant live music performances and actions that they keep doing since 2011 despite all the dangers coming from the harsh Putin's regime.
Cost: $26-$29

Stephen Malkmus with Qais Esser, The Magik Carpet

Sunday April 5, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Is that a goddamn bouzouki? you may ask. A pedal steel guitar? What kind of Stephen Malkmus album is this, anyway?

It’s called folk music, and it’s taking the country by storm. Stephen Malkmus is only the latest popular artist to apply this old new approach to their rock and roll sounds.

Take th...
Cost: $26-$31

Big Something

Friday April 3, 2020 08:30 pm EDT
A 6 piece powerhouse with a sound that is both unique and timeless, BIG Something fuses elements of rock, pop, funk, and improvisation to take listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles. It's no secret why this group has quickly become one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from...
Cost: $16-$19

Bruno Major

Monday March 30, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
A Song For Every Moon was a year-long project where Bruno wrote, recorded and released a new song every month for one year, concluding in September 2017 with “On Our Own.” The album reflects Bruno’s changing inspiration over the seasons, as he travels from the blissful futuristic soul and skittering...
Cost: $20-$74

Grizz Fest II

Sunday March 29, 2020 03:00 pm EDT
The Second “Grizz Fest”, Sunday, March 29th, at Terminal West, one of the top venues for live music in Atlanta. This is a non-profit memorial concert paying homage to the late Kevin Meaders, better known as “Grizz” to his friends and colleagues. Meaders played a vital role in Atlanta’s underground m...
Cost: $21-$31


Saturday March 28, 2020 09:00 pm EDT
Mobility has always helped define America. Don't settle for where you start. Find a new town, new coast, or new state of mind — then make it yours. "We export this idea of getting in your car and going somewhere, trying to find something new, bouncing around," says Justin Osborne. "We live in some s...
Cost: $18-$21

CANCELED: Antibalas, Mdou Moctar

Thursday March 26, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
EDITOR'S NOTE: This event has been canceled amid growing concerns about the spread of coronavirus.  It’s hard to believe that more than twenty years have passed since Antibalas’s humble beginning as a neighborhood dance / protest band in the block parties and underground parties in pre-gentrified ...
Cost: $26

Best Coast, Mannequin Pussy

Tuesday March 24, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
In 2009, I started writing songs, locked in the bedroom of my mom’s house in Burbank, no clue what I was going to do with my life. I had just dropped out of college (not the first time I had dropped out of school) and was living back in my home state of California, with no fucking idea what my life ...
Cost: $26-$30

Asgeir, Khushi

Sunday March 22, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Ásgeir is a singer-songwriter from Iceland. With the release of ‘Dyrd i daudathogn’, at just 20 years of age Icelandic singer- songwriter Ásgeir became something of an overnight sensation in his country’s music scene - breaking all records to become Iceland’s fastest selling debut album by a domesti...
Cost: $21-$26

CANCELED: Music of Phish for Kids

Sunday March 22, 2020 11:00 am EDT
The Rock and Roll Playhouse is excited to bring the Music of Phish for Kids to Terminal West on Sunday March 22, 2020. The Rock and Roll Playhouse is a children's concert series that allows kids to “move, play and sing while listening to works from the classic-rock canon” (NY Times). The Playhouse...
Cost: Free-$15


Saturday March 21, 2020 09:00 pm EDT
In June 2019, Lawrence became the first band to sign with Beautiful Mind Records, the label of Grammy-winning producer/songwriter/artist Jon Bellion. In the weeks following the signing, they released the Bellion-produced single “Casualty,” and embarked as support on Bellion’s Summer 2019 Glory Sound...
Cost: $18-$78


Friday March 20, 2020 09:00 pm EDT
A live band on hi-tech hyperdrive, EOTO has forged new territory in the electronic dance music movement. Locked and loaded with computers, loopers, midi controllers, routers, software, mixers, and the latest in music technology, multi-instrumentalist Michael Travis and percussionist/vocalist, Jason ...
Cost: $21-$25

Ryan Hurd

Thursday March 19, 2020 08:30 pm EDT
One listen to “Michigan For The Winter” is about all it takes to get a handle on Ryan Hurd and his unique approach to country. It’s set in the Midwest, instead of country’s stereotypical South. It’s a song about personal retreat and reflection, instead of the usual big summer party tune. Hurd loaded...
Cost: $15-$60

CANCELED: William Tyler, Steve Gunn, Mary Lattimore

Tuesday March 17, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
I met William Tyler on a train going south out of London. He had a nervous and cryptic and welcoming aura and was the first Nashville native (there is such a thing) that I’d ever met. We both carried more than we could manage on that trip, and I realized later that his bags were full of books. Books...
Cost: $18-$20

POSTPONED: Walter Trout & the Radicals

Monday March 16, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
WALTER TROUT and Provogue Records / Mascot Label Group released Survivor’s Blues globally on January 25. Trout is no ordinary artist and this is no ordinary covers album. From the day he conceived the project to the moment he counted off the first song in the studio, he had a bolder plan for this re...
Cost: $26-$30

CANCELED: Radical Face

Sunday March 15, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Musical project of Ben Cooper from Jacksonville, Florida, who also is a member of Electric President.
Cost: $26

Here Come The Mummies

Saturday March 14, 2020 09:00 pm EDT
Here Come the Mummies is an eight-piece funk-rock band of 5000 year-old Egyptian Mummies with a one-track mind. Their "Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave" is sure to get you into them (and possibly vice versa). Since their discovery HCTM has been direct support for P-Funk, Al Green, Mavis Stapl...
Cost: $27-$30

Truth, K.L.O., Black Carl!, Collector

Friday March 13, 2020 09:30 pm EDT
Sonic architects of songs with an emotional heft as heavy as the subwoofer rupturing basslines that underpin their work, TRUTH are one of New Zealand's finest creative exports. Respected across the globe since inception, TRUTH have, as both world-class producers and party-rocking DJs, cut a clear pa...
Cost: $20

Destroyer, Nap Eyes

Thursday March 12, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
Dan Bejar initially conceived of Have We Met, his 13th album as Destroyer out January 31, as a Y2K album. He was already active during the era but not heard overhead in a cafe or salon, which is perhaps what the idea of the Y2K sound evokes nearly two decades later. Bejar assigned frequent producer ...
Cost: $23-$26

Olivia O'Brien

Sunday March 8, 2020 09:00 pm EDT
“You’re so cool; you’re not like other girls, but I still want to hook up with them though,” “It’s different with you, but I said that to the last girl too,” “I don’t want to lead you on, but I’m going to flirt with you anyway,” and “I don’t want to hurt you. I only say that because I know I’m going...
Cost: $23-$26


Friday March 6, 2020 08:30 pm EST
Lucero has long been admired in their hometown of Memphis, where they have hosted “The Lucero Family Block Party” every spring for a number of years. At the 2018 Block Party they celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band, with the city’s Mayor Jim Strickland officially declaring it “Lucero Day.” ...
Cost: $26-$30


Tuesday March 3, 2020 08:00 pm EST
The UK's hottest rising pop star and one of 2019’s BBC Radio 1 Brit List artists, HRVY, is already a global star. He has 4.6 million Instagram followers, over 2.4 million YouTube subscribers and more than 850 million combined streams to his name. Flanked on stage by a troupe of backing dancers, in...
Cost: $21-$71

Avi Kaplan, Paper Wings

Sunday March 1, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Avi Kaplan lives deep in the forest near the Tennessee run of the ancient Natchez Trace trail. His rural cabin is worlds away from Los Angeles, his hub for six years as he toured the world with Pentatonix. Now, surrounded by farms and forests just a stone's throw from Nashville, the kid who grew up ...
Cost: $18-$23

The Motet

Saturday February 29, 2020 09:00 pm EST
Night 2
Cost: $29

The Motet

Friday February 28, 2020 09:00 pm EST
Dave Watts (drums)

Joey Porter (keys)

Garrett Sayers (bass)

Ryan Jalbert (guitar)

Lyle Divinsky (vocals)

Drew Sayers (sax)

Cost: $29

Om, Wovenhand

Thursday February 27, 2020 07:30 pm EST
There remains the singularity of purpose that is the core of all OM records, but no single reason can account for this comprehensive nature of their evolution.
Cost: $21-$23

Brent Cobb, Maddie Medley

Wednesday February 26, 2020 09:30 pm EST
Brent Cobb was born in Americus, GA, about an hour east of Columbus, in the rural south-central part of the state. His sophomore studio album, Providence Canyon, was recorded at Nashville’s RCA Studio A with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb and was released in May 2018 on Low Country Sound/El...
Cost: $31

Brent Cobb, Maddie Medley

Wednesday February 26, 2020 06:30 pm EST
Brent Cobb was born in Americus, GA, about an hour east of Columbus, in the rural south-central part of the state. His sophomore studio album, Providence Canyon, was recorded at Nashville’s RCA Studio A with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb and was released in May 2018 on Low Country Sound/El...

Archers Of Loaf

Saturday February 22, 2020 09:00 pm EST
The Archers of Loaf were darlings of the indie world in the early to mid-'90s, thanks to an off-kilter sound that was edgy and challenging, yet melodically accessible at the same time. Cornerstones of the Chapel Hill, NC, indie scene that also spawned Superchunk and Polvo, the Archers' chief inspira...
Cost: $26-$30


Friday February 21, 2020 08:30 pm EST
The sophomore effort from Oregon-bred trio Joseph, Good Luck, Kid is a road movie in album form, an odyssey at turns emotional, existential,and entirely literal. With their intimate storytelling and restless intensity, Natalie Schepman and her sisters Allison and Meegan Closner detail that journey i...
Cost: $29-$99


Thursday February 20, 2020 08:30 pm EST
Where The Moon Hides Tour 2020 featuring Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation at Terminal West
Cost: $25-$29

Ana Popovic

Wednesday February 19, 2020 08:00 pm EST
The award-winning, hard-touring, guitar slinger and singer Ana Popovic is back on the road promoting her new album ‘Like It On Top’, that focuses on empowered, successful, inspiring female role models. Like It On Top opened #2 at the iTunes most downloaded US blues albums. The album peaked at #2 o...
Cost: $21-$25

Jason Boland & The Stragglers

Tuesday February 18, 2020 07:00 pm EST
Music is having a moment. Listeners are crying out for something true––some meaty songs that’ll give us some comfort, even as they cut closer to the bone. Everyone is finally ready for the gritty, thundering country Jason Boland and the Stragglers have sharpened over almost 20+ years’ worth of selli...
Cost: $18-$20

Theo Katzman, Rett Madison

Saturday February 15, 2020 09:00 pm EST
"Modern Johnny is a feeling," says acclaimed singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Theo Katzman in regards to his forthcoming self-release Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe, due out in early 2020. “It’s closer to Vonnegut's Kilgore Trout than Bowie's Ziggy Stardust—Modern Johnny repres...
Cost: $21-$26

The Used, Dragged Under

Friday February 14, 2020 08:00 pm EST

The Brook & The Bluff

Thursday February 13, 2020 08:30 pm EST
Established in Birmingham, AL, The Brook & The Bluff is a four-piece band that consists of front man Joseph Settine, drummer John Canada, guitarist Alec Bolton and bassist Fred Lankford. The Brook & The Bluff have quickly become recognized for their evocative blend of instrumental talent and vocal...
Cost: $16-$18

Shane Mauss Head Talks: A Comedian + Psychedelics + A Scientist

Tuesday February 11, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Award-winning stand-up comedian, science podcaster, and psychedelic advocate Shane Mauss is bringing his Head Talks tour to our city with a two-hour show that combines all his interests: psychedelic comedy, science talk, Q&A, and meet-n-greet all-in-one! The show’s special guest is Sophia Ro...
Cost: $21-$26

The Purple Party: Music of Prince for Kids

Sunday February 9, 2020 11:30 am EST
The Rock and Roll Playhouse is excited to bring the Music of Prince for Kids to Terminal West on Sunday February 9, 2020. The Rock and Roll Playhouse is a children's concert series that allows kids to “move, play and sing while listening to works from the classic-rock canon” (NY Times). The Playho...
Cost: $19

Ron Pope

Saturday February 8, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Zero Mile Presents


Cost: $26-$76

Ron Pope

Saturday February 8, 2020 07:00 pm EST
Categories: Live Music Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Ron Pope, has been navigating a sea change as of late. In the immediate aftermath of the birth of his first child, before he’d found his footing in this extraordinary new reality, a jarring incident left him contemplating his own mortality. A...
Cost: $25-$40

Kaivon, INZO

Friday February 7, 2020 08:30 pm EST
Zero Mile Presents


Cost: $16-$18

Lost Dog Street Band, Casper Allen, Resonant Rogues

Thursday February 6, 2020 08:00 pm EST
“I wanted to dig under the darkest impulses of humanity for this album, and that is violence, selfishness, and destruction,” says Benjamin Tod, guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter of Americana trio Lost Dog Street Band. The Muhlenberg County, Kentucky-based group’s latest album, its fifth ov...
Cost: $21-$23

William Clark Green, Flatland Cavalry, Kenny Freeman

Wednesday February 5, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Zero Mile Presents
Cost: $18-$21

Parker McCollum

Saturday February 1, 2020 08:30 pm EST
Parker McCollum comes from a no-nonsense, hard-working family. His was the sort of upbringing where “if you’re going to do something and you’re not going to do it one-hundred percent; you shouldn’t do it all.” It’s why this 27-year-old treats each song he writes with a painstaking level of dedicatio...
Cost: $16-$19

DMVU, TVBOO Space Wizard, Klutch

Friday January 31, 2020 08:30 pm EST
 Eat My Sass Tour
Cost: $16-$18

The Glorious Sons

Wednesday January 29, 2020 07:30 pm EST
The Glorious Sons- Terminal West
Cost: $26-$99

Surf Curse

Tuesday January 28, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Surf Curse is the indie rock recording project of Los Angeles based songwriters Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck. Seeing Surf Curse live has become a right of passage for disaffected adolescence in the South-West while Rattigan and Rubeck have spent their formative years between Las Vegas, Reno, and L...
Cost: $19-$21


Sunday January 26, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Phora (real name Marco Archer) has lived through more than most 25-year olds.Despite being the victim of a stabbing and a shooting, he maintains a lust for live and positive attitude well beyond his years.Born and raised in Anaheim, California, Phorastarted rapping in his bedroom, while working as a...
Cost: $26-$256

North Mississippi Allstars, Southern Avenue

Saturday January 25, 2020 08:30 pm EST
A forgotten roll of film inspired a musical accompaniment, the North Mississippi Allstars’ new record Up and Rolling. Shot before the turn of the century, the photographs resonate with the music of four families from the Mississippi hills. The album captures the communal spirit upon which the band w...
Cost: $26-$29

Family and Friends

Friday January 24, 2020 08:31 pm EST
Hailing from the musical mecca of Athens, Georgia and built on the idea that the sum is greater than the individual parts, Family And Friends has steadily gained a loyal following with their spirited live performances and “good music, good people” mantra since releasing their 2015 EP XOXO. Their new...
Cost: $16-$21

Cory Wong, Scott Mulvahill

Wednesday January 22, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Music motivates at the most primal level. You instinctually hum a tune in order to get pumped up in the morning, for fuel on the treadmill, to soundtrack your commute, or as the pre-game to a big night out. As much as he treasures his roles as a guitarist, composer, and producer, Cory Wong fashion...
Cost: $24-$26

American Authors, Magic Giant

Tuesday January 21, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Each seasonal cycle informs, impacts, and inspires growth. American Authors translate those cycles of change into genre-blurring alternative anthems, bordering pop ambition and rock spirit undercut by a rhythmic hip-hop boom. Touting airtight songcraft and sonic adventurousness, the Brooklyn-based f...
Cost: $26-$28

Carbon Leaf, Red Wanting Blue, The Alternate Routes

Sunday January 19, 2020 07:00 pm EST
Blending rock, folk, Celtic, bluegrass and Americana traditions into a high-energy style the group calls ether-electrified porch music, the Virginia quintet’s poetic songs are brought to life with acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, fiddle, bass, drums, cello, banjo, penny whistle, pedal steel, a...
Cost: $25

Michal Menert, Late Night Radio

Saturday January 18, 2020 09:00 pm EST
“Time is just a word, life is but a dream, love is all you need, and money ain’t a thing.

Everybody dies, but not everyone lives, so take it all in stride; one life is all you get.”

With From the Sea, Gualala, California based artist and producer Michal Menert has crafted a musical salve for tho...
Cost: $17-$20

Phutureprimitive, An-ten-Nae

Saturday January 11, 2020 09:00 pm EST
Phutureprimitive's music is best described as dripping wet love drops of nasty mind melting sonic bliss. Lush melodies drift across intricate rhythms, groove heavy beats and warm, fuzzy bass lines. Often exploring a dark and dense palette, his music also manages to convey a sense of tranquility and ...
Cost: $13-$21

Magic City Hippies

Friday January 10, 2020 09:00 pm EST
If you’re playing in Miami, you’ve got to get bodies moving. Over the years, the city has been home to Latin pop royalty and ascendant Soundcloud rappers; played host to bass-booming EDM fests and the golden years of disco legends. It’s also why Miami’s latest genre-defying dynamos, Magic City Hip...
Cost: $18-$20

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

Thursday January 9, 2020 08:30 pm EST
Delivering an infectious blend of soul, jazz and rhythm & blues, the DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO proves to be a band on the rise. Their tantalizing grooves, lush sounds and vibrant jam sessions are always fresh with improvisations strengthened by their undeniable chemistry. This Seattle based trio — La...
Cost: $16-$19

Scarface with Live Band

Monday January 6, 2020 07:00 pm EST
Scarface backed by a full live band

with special guests: Backbone Dungeon Familys Own 2 PLAYER (Big Sant & RedCoat Da Poet) Hosted by Fort Knox w/ DJ Kerosene

Cost: $21

Morgan Heritage

Saturday January 4, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Their brand new album ‘LOYALTY’ was created across several continents and completed in an unorthodox fashion with the three brothers all in different locations - Mojo in Kenya focusing on the group’s philanthropic efforts, Gramps traveling the world healing people with the Masya CBD products created...
Cost: $21-$25

Indigo Girls

Friday January 3, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Indigo Girls benefiting El Refugio- El Refugio provides hospitality and visitation to immigrants and asylum seekers detained at Stewart Detention Center and their loved ones. El Refugio is launching a post-release program to assist those who are released on bond or parole get home safely to their fa...
Cost: $30-$75

Keller Williams

Saturday December 28, 2019 09:00 pm EST
Keller Williams released his first album in 1994, FREEK, and has since given each of his albums a single syllable title: BUZZ, SPUN, BREATHE, LOOP, LAUGH, HOME, DANCE, STAGE, GRASS, DREAM, TWELVE, LIVE, ODD, THIEF, KIDS, BASS, PICK, FUNK, VAPE, SYNC and RAW, , those who have followed his career will...
Cost: $24


Friday December 27, 2019 10:00 pm EST
The Mersiv Sound Project is the brainchild of Anderson Benoit Gallegos. Producer/DJ Anderson has been developing a unique pretty-dark-loud style of bass music since he started his musical journey in 2015. The intentions of this project are to bring people into the present moment through a Mersiv exp...
Cost: $19-$21

Jump, Little Children, Hula Hi-Fi

Saturday December 21, 2019 08:00 pm EST
Surrounded by weathered ukuleles, a haunting steel guitar, and the lush, cinematic weight of The Brno Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic), singers Danica Dora and Josh Kaler set off towards an uncharted archipelago on Hula Hi-Fi’s debut, “The Isle of Forgotten Dreams”. The record takes the best ...
Cost: $29

G-Rex, ZEKE BEATS, Zen Selekta

Friday December 20, 2019 10:30 pm EST
G-Rex. DJ / Producer. soundcloudtwitterfacebookinstagram. Origin: United States. Although the origins of G-REX can be dated back to 2015, 2018 was certainly a breakout year for Detroit native producer, Jake Sweeney.
Cost: $16

Tab Benoit, J.P. Soars

Friday December 20, 2019 07:00 pm EST
J.P. Soars is soaring high, nominated for “Blues Rock Artist of the Year” in the 40th annual Blues Music Awards in 2019. Soars was nominated alongside blues music heavyweights Billy Gibbons, Eric Gales, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Tinsley Ellis, rounding out the Blues Rock category. Soars has been tou...
Cost: $31

Chris Knight

Thursday December 19, 2019 08:30 pm EST
Ten years and five acclaimed albums into one of the most uncompromising careers in American music, the singer/songwriter whose work has been compared to Prine, Cash and Nebraska-era Springsteen by some the toughest music writers in America may have finally conquered his most demanding critic of all:...
Cost: $21-$23

Mr. Carmack

Tuesday December 17, 2019 09:00 pm EST
Cost: $26-$29

Omar Apollo, Alexander 23, Silver Sphere

Sunday December 15, 2019 08:00 pm EST
The Speed of Sound Tour
Cost: $21

Rebirth Brass Band

Friday December 13, 2019 09:00 pm EST
Whether seen on HBO’s Treme or at their legendary Tuesday night gig at The Maple Leaf, Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band is a true New Orleans institution. Formed in 1983 by the Frazier brothers, the band has evolved from playing the streets of the French Quarter to playing festivals and stages all ...
Cost: $27

Samantha Fish, Nicholas David

Wednesday December 11, 2019 08:30 pm EST
“That was my mission on this album: To really set these songs up so that they have a life of their own,” says Samantha Fish about Kill or Be Kind, her sixth solo album and her debut on Rounder Records. “Strong messages from the heart – that’s what I really set out for.” Indeed, what comes across imm...
Cost: $19-$23

Collie Buddz, Keznamdi, Kaya's Embrace

Sunday December 8, 2019 09:00 pm EST
Presented by Zero Mile
Cost: $24

Mark Carroll and Friends 16th Annual Toy Drive

Saturday December 7, 2019 07:30 pm EST
Atlanta get ready for the Toy Drive Christmas party of the year. It’s Mark Carroll and Friends 16th annual Toy Drive party scheduled for December 7th at Terminal West. Your ticket purchase will include your first two drinks on Mark Carroll and Friends. We will have an amazing silent auction, exotic ...
Cost: $75

American Aquarium

Saturday November 30, 2019 08:00 pm EST
American Aquarium is an alternative country band from Raleigh, North Carolina.
Cost: $16

AFTM, Little Bird, The Afternooners

Friday November 29, 2019 08:30 pm EST
AFTM is a southern rock band based out of Athens, GA. Formed in spring of 2017 by childhood friends Forrest Whitlark (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), John MacLane (Bass), and Will MacLane (Guitar), the trio began by performing at UGA fraternity parties and local bars. Over time, the band expanded with the ...
Cost: $16


Wednesday November 27, 2019 08:00 pm EST
Amain Berhane better known as Berhana is an American singer-songwriter.
Cost: $19

Black Mountain, Ryley Walker

Sunday November 24, 2019 08:00 pm EST
Black Mountain is a Canadian psychedelic rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band is composed of Stephen McBean, Jeremy Schmidt, Adam Bulgasem, Rachel Fannan, Arjan Miranda.
Cost: $22-$25

Riot Ten, Yakz, Throwdown

Saturday November 23, 2019 09:00 pm EST
Christopher Wilson, better known by his stage name Riot Ten, is an American DJ and producer based in El Paso, Texas.
Cost: $18-$76

White Denim, Spaceface

Friday November 22, 2019 08:30 pm EST
White Denim is an American four-piece rock band from Austin, Texas, United States. Their music is influenced by dub, psychedelic rock, blues, punk rock, progressive rock, soul, jazz, experimental rock with home-based recording, jamming approach, intense looping work and unusual song structures.
Cost: $18

The Dear Hunter

Thursday November 21, 2019 08:00 pm EST
The Dear Hunter is an American progressive rock band originating in Providence, Rhode Island. It began as a side project of Casey Crescenzo when he was a member of The Receiving End of Sirens, before becoming his main band in 2006. The band's sound features a wide variety of instruments and styles.
Cost: $41

The Dear Hunter

Wednesday November 20, 2019 08:00 pm EST
The Dear Hunter is an American progressive rock band originating in Providence, Rhode Island. It began as a side project of Casey Crescenzo when he was a member of The Receiving End of Sirens, before becoming his main band in 2006. The band's sound features a wide variety of instruments and styles.
Cost: $77-$82

Skizzy Mars, Yoshi Flower, Zaia

Tuesday November 19, 2019 08:00 pm EST
Myles Mills, better known by his stage name Skizzy Mars, is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer from Harlem, New York.
Cost: $19-$80

Fruit Bats, Skyway Man

Sunday November 17, 2019 08:00 pm EST
Fruit Bats is an American rock band formed in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Noted as an early entrant into the folk-rock boom of the early 2000s, the group has had many personnel changes but revolves around singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson.
Cost: $18
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