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Elizabeth: It's a nightmare of traffic because there is no parking in Virginia-Highland. People let their babies wander into the street because people don't know how to take care of their children anymore. People should stop breeding unless they're willing to commit to what it takes to raise a child. Dogs poop and run at the children and bite them. The yuppies vomit all over the few cool people that will be there. There's some good, cheap stuff at those booths. But if it's going to be a bunch of booths of crap, that's not art — that's stupid.

Shayna: I've seen some really cool artistic ideas come about as a result of Summerfest. The residents of the neighborhood are great for allowing it to happen. It's very laid back — plenty of beer, but nothing gets out of control. The general warm feeling people get during the Summerfest is worth a whole lot more than the few inconveniences it may cause.

Beth: Not at all. It's going to be even more crowded than it usually is. The bars are going to charge more for parking during the day (which they don't normally do) and the bands are the same old bands. They're not going to be very good; they're going to be loud but not danceable. And even if you want to dance, there's not enough room to dance because there's too many crowds, It's hot, it's crowded, and it's three dollars for a bottle of water.

-- Jeff Slate

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