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A pair of live-in boyfriends had a spat over dinner at their home in South Atlanta. The first boyfriend, 26, told police the argument started in the kitchen while he was cooking chicken and collard greens. The second boyfriend was shirtless, standing bare-chested in the kitchen. The first boyfriend said, "I started tasting the food that he had already put on the plate. He got upset and told me to leave the kitchen. Before I left, we exchanged some words. As I headed back to the sofa, [he] got up screaming and ran toward his room. I looked back and he was throwing the collard greens at me, which burnt my arm and neck. I then tried to open [the boyfriend's] bedroom door, which was locked. Then [he] threw the chicken from the deep fryer at me. I entered [his] bedroom to protect myself. He had a knife, stabbing the door, while I tried to keep him from opening it. Soon after, the door opened, I saw him, so I [jumped] into defense mode. I slapped him and wrestled around until I could get the knife out of his hand. After that [he] ran out the door and called police."

The bare-chested boyfriend was now standing outside. He yelled for their roommate to bring him a shirt. The roommate complied, and they all walked back into the apartment. The first boyfriend said, "We started arguing, he grabbed a glass picture frame and started attacking me. [Our roommate] got between us after [he saw] I was about to fight back. I then noticed blood dripping from my head to my arms. After I [washed] my hands and face, I ran to lock the door to check my wounds."

The cop interviewed the bare-chested boyfriend, who said he scolded his boyfriend for "using a plate and not eating over the food" in the kitchen. "He got upset, so I let it go. We continued to argue and he got up from the living room and got into my face. ... He was poking his finger in my forehead, telling me to 'shut the fuck up' before he 'beat my ass.' Afterward, he walked away ... I kept on repeating 'Just let it go and leave me alone.' He punched me and started to choke me. I reached for the first thing I could grab and threw it."

The bare-chested boyfriend confirmed he hurled collard greens and fried chicken at his lover. "I called my mom, and as I called her, [the boyfriend] ran down the stairs behind me with [a knife], telling me he was going to get me. I pulled the front door open with one hand, and held the knife up and put the knife in the door to keep him from coming outside." His boyfriend alledgedly tried to hit him with a fan, so he grabbed the picture frame after the boyfriend "launched at me and threw me on the floor."

The live-in boyfriends' stories were so convoluted and wildly different, the cop decided to take them both to jail. Their apartment showed signs of a significant disagreement. "Broken glass, holes in walls, [a knife] and other objects that could be used as a weapon [were] scattered on the ground and throughout the apartment," the cop noted.

The roommate declared he saw nothing and refused to get involved in the lovers' food fight.

Dream, interrupted

A 34-year-old man invited his male friend to visit him in Atlanta. During the visit, the man said that around 4 a.m. he woke up his friend "to tell him his television was not working." Apparently, the friend became upset about his sleep being disturbed over a TV snafu. The sleepy friend reportedly punched the man's face. Then the friend took off running through the man's backyard. The sleep-deprived friend was last spotted wearing gray shorts and a red T-shirt.

Pride denied

Two cops on patrol heard the sounds of a female brawl in a parking lot in Old Fourth Ward, where two women in their early 20s were reportedly lunging at each other.

"The fight then started between both individuals where I observed both parties throwing punches and pulling each other's hair out," the cop noted. The first woman, 22, said the whole thing started when she had to inform her female friend that her credit card had been declined, which embarrassed her friend. Both women went to jail for disorderly conduct.

Adult problems?

A 36-year-old woman told police she was being harassed by a female co-worker at her job at a local school. "Since the beginning of the 2015 school year, she has been harassed by [a female co-worker] and her colleagues," a cop noted. "The woman said she gets 'dirty looks' and 'eyes rolled' at her on a daily basis. The harassment has escalated to the point where the suspect [alledgedly] had one of the student's parents attempt to fight her."

The woman said she tried to file a report with her school's resource officer, but was unable to make contact with the officer. She said her attorney advised her to go to the police.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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