Herman Cain sings soothing spiritual during Dunwoody town hall

GOP presidential hopeful belts out 'On My Journey Now'

Herman Cain last night took a break from talking with pundits and touring battleground states to hold a "virtual town hall" near Perimeter Mall. It was a low-key affair. Roughly 100 supporters said "amen" to his views on the economy and waited afterward for autographs with the former pizza magnate and talk radio host.

Cain had to stop answering questions submitted by the event's online viewers after some technical difficulties arose. So he started softly signing to pass the time.

The tune: "On My Journey Now, Mt. Zion)." (Here's a version by Paul Robeson.)

When Cain's short performance was met with applause from the audience (and the technical problems continued to delay the online forum), the candidate decided to stand and sing some more. For about a full minute. Two women and a young boy even dropped cash and coins at Cain's feet. CL was in attendance and caught the last 15 seconds or so. Slip on your headphones and turn the volume up.