Notch 8 got 'Smothered' in art last Friday

Artemus Jenkins offers a short visual recap

In cased you missed the latest opening night exhibit at Notch 8 Gallery last Friday, this short video recaps "Smothered by the Things We Love." It's directed and produced by Atlanta-based Artemus Jenkins, whose full-length film If You Know the Words, Feel Free documented the scene largely centered around Notch 8. Both that film and the gallery were featured in CL's latest annual arts issue. 

"Smothered by the Things We Love" features the artwork of C Flux Sing, Fabian, Nate Frost, Nick "Turbo" Benson, Paper Frank, Peter Ferrari, Sanithna Phansavahn, and Tuki Carter. The theme of the exhibit focuses on "the aspects of culture that consume us," according to the YouTube poster's description, which makes the backing blues song a perfect fit.