First Slice 9/29/13: Let's take MARTA rail to... Alpharetta?

Plus, South Fulton warehouse owned by mayor's investment firm comes under more scrutiny


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  • It's not the criminals who ride MARTA that you should be worried about... it's the semi-naked heathens

Residents who showed up to discuss the long-planned (and far off) proposed expansion of MARTA heavy rail into North Fulton sound as if they're in favor of the project. Cross your fingers that we don't hear the same "transit brings crime" nonsense from critics that helped stymie the system decades ago.

Dozens of special needs parents and civil rights activists on Saturday protested outside a Chuck E. Cheese in Cobb County over claims that the restaurant discriminated against a young girl who needed to use the restroom.

"Seen a [http://www.11alive.com/news/article/308006/40/Numerous-Reports-of-a-Fireball-Streaking-Across-the-Southeast-Sky-Saturday|giant glowing shooting star-like object just before dark]. It was shooting sort of side ways. It was glowing aqua green at first." WE ARE NOT ALONE.

The federal government is looking more and more like the creepy person who stalks you on Facebook and other social media and tries to imagine what kind of life you lead based on your friends, followers, and esoteric Vines.

A complicated story worth reading behind the AJC's paywall: Did Fulton County Tax Commissioner Arthur Ferdinand give special treatment to a real estate investment firm that includes Mayor Kasim Reed regarding tax liens on a South Fulton warehouse the group owns? Reed's lawyer denies any favoritism played a role.

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