Morning Newsdome: Happy Earth Day to everyone ... except Wall Street April 22 2010

Round-up of all that's important from around the world

>> Today is Earth Day, originally started in 1970. Turn off the lights when you leave the bathroom today and feel good about your carbon footprint all year. (Bangor Daily News)

>> President Obama will give an address at Cooper Union in New York today in an effort to take a stronger leadership position in Wall Street reform. Those poor Wall Street lobbyist! (the New York Times)

>> Following the FDA's regulation on the amount of salt in consumer goods, Frito-Lay scientists are redesigning the salt molecule to have more surface area and be able to dissolve completely on the tongue--allowing each chip to taste the same with 20 percent less salt. Sounds healthy. (Popular Science)

>> Amazon.com is denying North Carolina's demand to reveal the names, addresses and products of the 50 million purchases from N.C. over a 7-year time frame. When North Carolina demands to know who preordered the "Twilight" series, they mean business! (Read Write Web)

>> And finally: According to a new survey of nearly 1,200 Palestinians, roughly one-third favored a "bi-national state." Though the poll still shows higher support for a two-state solution, the favor for a bi-national state is steadily increasing. Cure "We Are the World..."  (Jerusalem Post)

(Photo courtesy projectarchive.net/Flikr)

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