T. Mason offers personal perspective

'The T. Mason EP' combines old-school flow with millennial rhymes with caption-worthy punchlines

If you frequent Atlanta art shows and local showcases, you may have come across the talented T. Mason, a rapper on the rise from Atlanta’s esteemed Eastside.

He belongs to a collective called All Black Congress, known to their fans as a band of progressive artists with a not-so-hidden agenda: They work to uplift hip-hop culture through a creative lens with the support of in-house recording artists, producers, photographers, and videographers. By making digital waves and curating successful events, the group has established T. Mason as one of All Black Congress’ prominent voices. 

T. Mason’s lyrics, delivery, and music videos communicate his dedication to representing culture the best way he knows how. Though he often relies on an old-school flow, he’s no stranger to millennial rhymes with caption-worthy punchlines. His debut project, The T. Mason EP, lists 10 tracks that showcase his skill set, with each song offering a personal perspective on reality and relationships. “Money Come N’ Go” paints a picture that embodies the EP’s theme from a cinematic angle. 

Tracks like “Work” detail the makings of a young hustler, while more carefree cuts like “Faded” and “Summer Night$” offer a moment of clarity for the mentally elevated. T. Mason will continue his recent hot streak, starting with the sophomore project he’s aligning to release later this year.

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