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(Inter)Nationally, the most important problem facing Americans is income and wealth inequality. In Atlanta, segregation is the most pressing issue.

Committed to direct action, electoral organizing, and community organizing, Our Revolution GA was inspired by the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders.

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Our Revolution GA: (Inter)Nationally, the most important problem facing Americans is income and wealth inequality. In Atlanta, segregation is the most pressing issue.

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Our Revolution GA: The answers to both inequality and segregation are related. Rising wages, medical care, and housing as a right would do a lot. Segregation is slicker than that. Your best bet is a public land trust, a city councilperson like Felicia Moore who keeps an eye on property valuations, and large-scale black investment. Property tax freezes will likely be necessary as well.

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Our Revolution GA: Street protests are an important facet of being involved. Often, they’re cathartic and important to collective healing, but we focus a majority of our time on electoral politics because that’s a helpful role for the movement that we can play. If the cause is just, we’re all about some protests. Just don’t let it become an excuse not to do anything else. It’s also important not to forget that electoral politics is a form of protest as long as the policies being fought for are transformative in nature because you are actively opposing the status quo.

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Our Revolution GA: Social media is tricky. Clearly, it’s an easily utilized tool to mislead and scapegoat and get clickbait-y traction for publicity stunts like the Deportation Bus or spammers. That being said, how much has the BLM movement benefited from people being forced to reckon with what happened to Philando Castile? A phone camera could save your life.

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Our Revolution GA: The SCLC, Antifa, the Divine 9, GALEO, and Rob Woods at the ACLU.

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Our Revolution GA: The single best thing you can do is find a progressive organizer or person of color and knock on every door in your district to get them elected.

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