TALK OF THE TOWN: Red Bull Music Festival

Aisle 5 offers the 411

Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points recently played host to Red Bull Music Festival Atlanta as performers and events for the upcoming event were revealed. Guests enjoyed various cocktails mixed with Red Bull and some serious Lemon Pepper wings from Lit Ass Wings, A Stone Mountain joint. An old school television set art installation flashed the names, images and schedules of the performers while people checked out the info, took selfies and gawked at the box TV sets.

Highlights of the festival include Denzel Curry vs. Joey Bada$$ in a five-round bout at 787 Windsor; Osho’s Bounce Dat party at MJQ Concourse; a Trap Roundtable discussion with Shawty Redd, Lex Luger, and Zaytoven; a Conversation with Coach K, COO, Quality Control, at Plaza Theatre, with an afterparty at Graveyard Tavern; Young Baby Tate’s presentation, “Camp,” at Masquerade; Ari Lennox, performing at Variety Playhouse; and Teyana Taylor, presenting her Atlanta iteration of House of Petunia, West End Production Park.


This year the Red Bull Music Festival takes place all across Atlanta, offering a more interactive festival showcasing some of the best venues Atlanta has to offer.

Tickets for events scheduled between November 1—14 are on sale now.

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