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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on reopening Georgia: 'I remain concerned' NPR, 5/12/2020 article

Since Georgia began 'reopening,' risk of exposure to coronavirus has increased 42% Walter Einenkel, Daily Kos, 5/4/2020 article

What will the future of concerts look like after the pandemic? Jim Sullivan, WBUR, 5/4/2020 article

Trump administration models predict daily death toll to nearly double by June - Live Updates, The New York Times 5/4/2020 article

The coronavirus pandemic is fracturing our notion of a truly united states in America - Donald F. Kettl, MarketWatch, 5/4/2020 article

The risk of exposure to COVID-19 in Georgia has increased by more than 40% since the state reopened for business - Kevin Murnane, Forbes, 5/4.2020 article

Listen: The Georgia Experiment - Who does the state's reopening serve? The Atlantic, 5/1/2020 podcast

While Trump minimizes the toll, government orders 100,000 new body bags - Jonathan Allen, Phil McCausland, and Cyrus Farivar, NBC News 4/30/2020 article

Coronavirus was 'not manmade or genetically modified': U.S. spy  agency - Mark Hosenball, Reuters, 4/30/2020 article

Fauci warns reopening states: 'You can't just leap over things'- Rebecca Shabad, NBC News, April 30, 2020 article

We still don't know how the Coronavirus is killing Us - David Wallace-Wells, NY Mag, 4/26/2020 article

Saving your health, one mask at a time (why it is important to wear a mask) - Peter Tippett, MD PhD, CEO CareMESH, 4/7/2020 / posted 4/26/2020 article

Atlanta's mayor told people to ignore Georgia governor's decision to reopen businesses - Eliza Relman, Business Insider, 4/24/2020 article

As Georgia reopens nail and hair salons, lawyers say companies may  be putting themselves at risk - Abby Haglage, Yahoo Life, 4/24/2020 article

You want to get out of the house? Will you bet your life on it? - Tony Paris, Creative Loafing 4/21/2020 article

Front runner for country's dumbest governor to reopen essential bowling alleys, nail salons Friday - Bess Levin, Vanity Fair, 4/20/2020

There are four requirements for reopening the U.S. amid COVID-19. Americans won't tolerate all of them. Peter Weber, The Week, 4/20/20 article

Most Americans reject anti-lockdown protests - Andrew Romano,Yahoo News article

Promoters want live music to return this fall. Not so fast, say medical experts - Ethan Milman, Rolling Stone, 04/17/2020 article

Free, drive-thru COVID-19 testing nowavailable in Atlanta - Rebekka Schramm, CBS-46, 4/6/2020 article

Georgia state senator Bruce Thompson, hospitalized for COVID-19, travels to his Florida vacation home - huffpost.com 4/2/20 article

Veteran rock guitarist Larry Campbell on battling coronavirus - Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone 4/2/20 article

More young people in the South seem to be dying from COVID-19. Why? - The Atlantic 4/2/20 article

Can coronavirus be spread through talking or breathing? - CNN 4/2/20 article & video

U.S. taxpayers paid millions to design a low-cost ventilator ... the company is selling versions of it overseas - Mother Jones 4/1/20 article

High-dose vitamin C has treated 50 moderate COVID-19 patients -Collective Evolution 4/1/20 article

Getty Museum asks people to recreate paintings with stuff at home - Sad And Useless - 3/31/20 article

Fauci predicts up to 200K deaths in U.S. - Rolling Stone 3/30/20 article

London restores Abbey Road crosswalk during coronavirus closures - Consequence of Sound 3/26/20 article

Dyson designs new ventilator in 10 days — KDVR/CNN Wire 3/26/20 article

Cheesecake Factory tells its landlords it won't be able to pay April rent - CNN Business 3/26/20 article

Germany rolls out €50 Billion Aid Package for artists and cultural businesses, putting other countries to shame - ArtNet 3/25/20 article

Major streaming services and tech companies join MusiCares in support of COVID-19 relief fund - grammy.com article

New York City death toll spikes 110% in 36 hours- NBC New York 3/25/20 article

Fed team failed to follow National Security Council's pandemic playbook - Politico 3/25/20 article

Jimmy Carter Presidential Center asks for donations to be redirected for coronavirus relief - Axious - 3/24/20 article

Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger takes steps to protect safety of and voter integrity in Georgia - 3/24/20 article

'A total joke:' The US's busiest airport is skipping coronavirus screenings - Vice 3/24/20 article

White House asnd Senate leaders reach a $2 trillion coronavirus aid package deal
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'Bond girl' Olga Kurylenko tests positive for coronavirus -Yahoo 3/16/20 article

Here's an interactive map tracking COVID-19 cases globally from Johns Hopkins University.

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