COVID-19 Update 378 Gallery

COVID-19 Update from 378 Gallery's Director Tom Zarrilli.


Tom Zarrilli



After closing in March, during the month of June, 378 presented a novel alternative to the traditional art exhibition. Positive showcased the work of 19 artists in the windows and door panes of the gallery on Clifton Road. All of the work was created since the coronavirus pandemic began.

On July 25, 378 hosted a free mask pop-up event. Visitors to an outdoor station picked out a pattern from which a fabric mask was made. All masks were free. Masks for kids were sewn on-site. The event was hosted by artist and craftsperson Aileen Loy.

“Our current plan is to fully reopen the gallery space in August,” says 378 gallery director Tom Zarrilli. And the gallery does just that, August 8-29, with Resonance, its first indoor exhibition since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. Public health safety and protocols drive the presentation: There will be no opening reception. The exhibition can be viewed during regular gallery hours, Fridays and Saturdays from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., or by appointment. Attendance is limited to six people at a time, and social distance of 6 feet between patrons inside the gallery and waiting in a queue outside is required. Masks are required without exception for anyone inside the gallery and/or waiting to enter. To schedule an appointment call or text 404 530 9277.

Resonance features work by the following eight artists: Susan Cipcic, Cynthia Farnell, Rachel Garceau, Emily Gomez, Deborah Heidel, Tim Hunter, Pandra Williams, and Shona Wilson. Originally scheduled to coincide with Earth Day 2020, the concept for community focuses on the resonance between viewers and the natural world. Exhibition organizer and director Pandra Williams envisions, “Auditory resonance is the sound produced by an object when it vibrates at the same rate as the sound waves from another object. Intensification and prolongation of sound, especially of a musical tone, is produced by sympathetic vibration. Emotional resonance is an elemental reaction to an external object, space, idea, or event. When resonance occurs with the viewer, the resonating feature has struck, created, a sympathetic vibration within the mind, our cognitive faculty, or the intuitive reactive centers of the gut, or heart.”