ARTS UPDATE: Ferst Center's Aaron Shackelford

Fall Arts Preview Update from Ferst Center's Directot, Aaron Shackelford

Aaron Shackelford
Photo credit: Courtesy Aaron Shackelford
Aaron Shackelford: “In a strange way, the pandemic forced the arts community to tap into the core of what we do best: be creative and impact people’s lives. While it came at a terrible cost, I found myself continually inspired by the ways artists and organizations pulled off what seemed impossible to keep art in our lives. For Georgia Tech Arts, we transformed a parking lot into a magical space for live performance, something none of us would even have dared to imagine before COVID-19. It pushed us to reflect upon our core values and mission, and in a remarkable way it gave us the freedom to set aside all assumptions and roadblocks in the pursuit of supporting artists and bringing live art back to our campus.”