NEWS BRIEF: National kidney organization boss in Atlanta supporting living donors legislation

Protections sought for living donors

NKDO Lollo
Photo credit: Courtesy National Kidney Donation Organization (NKDO)
Mile Lollo
Mile Lollo, president of the National Kidney Donation Organization, is testifying in front of the Georgia Insurance and Labor committee this week in support of SB 330, Giving the Gift of Life Act. The legislation, introduced by Senator John Albers (R-Roswell), would protect living donors from losing or being denied life insurance. It would also raise the donor tax credit to $25,000 and provide businesses a tax credit to assist their employees with organ donation, according to a press release. Lollo stated, “This is a very important step in the process of removing disincentives to living organ donation. As an organization devoted to enabling living donors to donate effectively and with the most protections available, NKDO applauds Senator John Albers and Georgia on this critical milestone.” nkdo.org