NEWS BRIEF: Potential witnesses in Trump probe who refuse to testify will be subpoenaed

DA’s office plays hard ball

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Former President Donald Trump

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is issuing subpoenas to at least 30 people who refuse to be interviewed in her investigation of Donald Trump’s election misdeeds. Willis told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution her team also wants to talk to another 60 people in the weeks ahead.

Selection of a special grand jury will start on May 2 and witnesses will testify beginning June 1. Prosecutors on the case have not been named for security reasons, Willis said, adding that the timing of the investigation bears no relevance to the midterm election cycle. “I don’t want anyone to say ‘oh, she’s doing this because she wants to influence the outcome of this upcoming election,’” she said. “The people will decide the outcome of this upcoming election. It will have nothing to do with this district attorney’s office.” ajc.com