NEWS BRIEF: Early voting for May 24 primaries underway

Your vote counts — make sure it does

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Atlanta Voters at Voting Booths

Monday, May 2 marked the official start of early voting in Georgia for the May 24 primaries in which voters will choose nominees for governor, U.S. Senate and secretary of state, as well as those for congressional districts.

Voting rights organizations are stepping in to educate the public about new restrictions introduced by Republican lawmakers in 2020, and voters are urged to call 866-OUR-VOTE with any problems or questions about the process. “The anti-voter legislation that’s been pushed through our legislature means that it will be harder for some voters to vote this year,” Common Cause Georgia Executive Director Aunna Dennis says in a statement. “So it’s more important than ever for Georgia voters to make a plan to vote — and maybe make a backup plan, too.” georgiarecorder.com