??T-Men,?? Film Screening

Wed., Feb. 22, 7:30 p.m. 2012
Cost: free
White Hall 205. (Anthony Mann, Eagle-Lion, 1947) (1.37:1, 92 min.) Produced by Aubrey Schenck; written by John Higgins and Virginia Kellogg; starring Dennis O’Keefe, Wallace Ford and Alfred Ryder. Cinematography by John Alton. Preserved by the Library of Congress. The first of five films to team Mann and Alton, this low budget, “case-file” crime drama became a major hit for the young Eagle-Lion studio. Though initially received as a new high in location-based realism, today Alton’s low-key lighting effects virtually define film noir visuals at their most stylized, expressionistic extreme.
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