Snow tha Product

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Snow tha Product
Wednesday September 18, 2019 07:00 pm EDT
Cost: $15 (adv)
If it feels like Snow Tha Product is suddenly everywhere, there’s a reason for that. The California rapper made her name a decade ago on the strength of her rapid-fire bilingual rhymes and an album called Unorthodox that spawned a couple of hits. Those hits helped Snow land a deal with Atlantic Records, where she spent seven years never quite getting the promotional support she deserved. So last year, she (amicably) left the label and poured her efforts into a new, fully independent career path. That means she's touring all over the place, designing and dropping merch, mentoring other artists on her own label, and releasing songs and videos at her preferred pace. Check out “Gaslight” or “Say Bitch” on YouTube for proof that Snow Tha Product is as vibrant as ever. — BEN SALMON
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