Jump, Little Children, Hula Hi-Fi

Courtesy of Terminal West
Saturday December 21, 2019 08:00 pm EST
Cost: $29
Surrounded by weathered ukuleles, a haunting steel guitar, and the lush, cinematic weight of The Brno Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic), singers Danica Dora and Josh Kaler set off towards an uncharted archipelago on Hula Hi-Fi’s debut, “The Isle of Forgotten Dreams”. The record takes the best elements of Hawaiian music and baptizes them in a moonlit tidal pool of strings, electronics, and songwriting unafraid to chart the dark underbelly of the human heart. They call it ‘Hawaiian Noir’, an intimate sound full of longing and melancholy. The record took three years to make, and only came to exist thanks to a few people just crazy enough to try making it.
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