Griever, Post Hunk, Chick Wallace, Coma Teeth

POST HUNK 1 208x174
Courtesy of 529
Friday January 10, 2020 08:30 pm EST
Cost: $8
clever phrase for a dad bod? Maybe. Or, if we’re referring to the post in a record collector’s sense, then perhaps John Pierce and Alex Teich want to step beyond not just the physical aspects of the stud, but the entire “look-good-to-get-ahead” mentality. Look around in any given dive bar, and you’ll see that the further underground you go, the more rigidly suave the uniform gets; they hang in the same circles, they hold the same casually cool facade, they nod their heads in the same statuesque stance. As a regular partner to man-about-town Yancey Ballard, Pierce has no doubt seen all these patterns on the wall; so while their current outfit Shouldies sidesteps simple punk trappings completely, Post Hunk attacks the norm from the inside. This carnival-crazy debut Celebrity Pets isn’t so much a game-changer, though, as a game in and of itself.
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