Wish You Were Here

200224 WYWH Freshtix Vinyl
Courtesy of Vinyl
Monday February 24, 2020 08:00 pm EST
Cost: $12-$15

From the venue:

Most people know Jesse Barnett for belting out vocals for metalcore band Stick To Your Guns, but he also has a solo project titled Wish You Were Here.

Barnett dropped a new EP for the project today and it’s packed with sweet melancholic acoustic tracks that show a different side of the musician.

The record is titled I’m Afraid Of Everything and arrives today. Barnett says the new release came together during a difficult time during his life while he figured out how to balance everything.

“I had a hard time learning how to navigate between normal life and tour life. My long term relationship was ending, and I was getting frustrated with being in a band because I blamed touring for not being able to make my relationship work. You can plan your whole life but it can be completely uprooted. I needed something to make sense of everything that was happening.”

He further commented on the project as a whole, explaining that his roots in music fall closer to the acoustic folky sounds on the EP.

“I grew up in a family that just really appreciated good music, so
stuff like Paul Simon, James Taylor, and Bill Withers was always playing around the house. I didn’t find punk and hardcore until high school, but I was already playing acoustic guitar and singing, so that kind of music is actually closer to my musical ‘origin story’ than punk,” says Barnett. - ATLPRESS

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