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What Are White Womyn Willing To Do To End Racism

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Wednesday July 29, 2020 12:00 pm EDT
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It could be so easy, so convenient for those of us who are white to step back and re-focus on our lives, our goals, our daily missions. Perhaps we've made posters and were present at some protests. Perhaps we have our "Black Lives Matter" signs prominently displayed on our front lawns. Perhaps we've donated to a Black Lives Matter chapter. Perhaps we've even provided resources to a homeless neighbor. Perhaps we've read some books, watched some documentaries, participated in a zoom gathering!

All important and vital but...

We're not done. This has to be the time we keep focused on racism, we keep learning and sharing our understandings and awarenesses with other white people, we arm ourselves in order to become greater and greater anti-racists.

Last Wednesday our focus was on how white people hold Black and brown leaders accountable in an anti-racist way, how white people address and interact with Black and brown people while minimizing white privilege and power, how white people can risk that interaction while being open to being called on our racism, how white people can listen actively to Black and brown voices.

This Wednesday we might continue that conversation as we ask is it our role in this day and time to hold Black leaders accountable and if so is it possible to do so in an anti-racist way? We might talk about "issues", how we define and present our "issues", how does racism impact that defining and presenting? And lastly, what about human beings? Are we capable of stripping our interactions, our issues, our framing of solutions down to simply "humans" in a racist, misogynist patriarchy? Or is human beings another form of "color blindness"?

Or bring something else to the discussion and action planning! This and every Wednesday at noon eastern time.

Here is the zoom link:

Meeting ID: 879 5790 7513
Password: peace

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