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Does Truth Even Matter Anymore?

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Courtesy of Meaningful Conversations Atlanta
Thursday April 29, 2021 07:00 pm EDT
Cost: Free

From the venue:

Are we facing a crisis of truthfulness? How can we actively seek and recognize what is true, beyond just relying on conventional wisdom, tradition, superstition, or our own personal beliefs? Given our unique and diverse viewpoints, experiences and perspectives, is it still somehow possible to reach a collective understanding of what is “true” and to form a basis for how we determine truth?

Truth is an anchor to reality, rooting us in the midst of chaos and providing direction for a path forward. But while access to information has greatly increased, it seems to be increasingly difficult to determine facts from opinions or falsehood. Far beyond just being a problem in politics, it seems to extend into almost every part of our society and cultures. Could our ability to discern truth depend in part on certain spiritual qualities like humility and detachment complimenting our senses, our mind, and intellectual training? What is the relationship of truth to justice? Are there tools that can help us seek and find the truth not only as individuals but collectively as a society?

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