Michelle Malone

Michelle Malone Zak Arias Ga


Compared to most musical artists in the Americana genre, Michelle Malone seems like a pair of distressed blue jeans amidst a sea of pantsuits. Unlike the surplus of self-professed rootsy rebels, one listen to this woman from Dixie and you know you’re hearing the real thing. Malone’s soulful voice and slide guitar playing take the blues and turn them into supremely-hooky roots rock songs that will make you wanna trash a juke joint and hi-five yourself after crying in your beer! Atlanta native Michelle Malone is “equal parts rowdy guitar slinger and sweet songstress” (Guitar World). "Equal parts badass guitar slinger and sweet songstress, with masterful lyrical introspection - sublime to raucous. GUITAR WORLD "The kind of singer and songwriter who can jolt things into overdrive. NEW YORK TIMES "raucous and jubilant alternating between soulful ballads and rowdy, riffy blasters." ROLLING STONE "4 out of 5 Bunnies "... Malone churns up those Southern roots with the vigor of Lucinda Williams while embracing her inner Keith Richards." PLAYBOY MAG The soul of a bluesman, the heart of a folk singer, and the guts of a rock and roll star wrapped up in one fiery bad ass” NASHVILLE RAGE Michelle Malone


  • Slings & Arrows released 2018 via SBS Records
  • Stronger Than You Think released 2015 via SBS Records
  • Acoustic Winter released 2014 via SBS Records
  • Day 2 released 2012 via SBS Records
  • Debris released 2009 via SBS Records
  • Sunscream: Live released 2008 via SBS Records
  • Sugarfoot released 2006 via Valley Entertainment / CD Baby / SBS Records
  • Stompin' Ground released 2003 via Daemon Records / SBS
  • Hello Out There released 2001 via SBS Records
  • Strange Bird, Vol. 3 released 2000 via SBS Records
  • Home Grown released 1999 via SBS Records
  • Beneath the Devil Moon released 1997 via Velvel Records
  • Redemption Dream released 1994 via Daemon Records
  • A Swingin' Christmas in the Attic released 1993 via SBS Records
  • For You Not Them released 1992 via Strange Bird Songs Records
  • Relentless released 1990 via Arista
  • New Experience released 1988 via Aluminum Jane

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